Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Origin of Evil

OK. The Big Question… The origin of evil? Who cares? For nearly the entire summer I had been loosing interest; the more I thought about it the less I cared to pursue it. Perhaps I’ll revisit it in some form during my studies, for if the question continues to knock on my door, what can I do but answer it (the door not the question)? Instead I’d like to take a crack at some philosophy and see if I like it as much as I think I do as well as focus on implementing a routine of more intrusive spiritual discipline in my life. I’m not sure entirely what I mean my “more intrusive”, but I think it has something to do with God being God and not me. I hope to accomplish several things during my stay here, but of course, “the journey IS the destination!” J The Lord in his great kindness is teaching me to really live out of this process-prospective instead of just saying it because it’s profound (and true).

Something I’ve always been interested in is breaking down the lies of our particular Christian subculture that are so dangerous to the beloved church. These deceptions that shape how we view reality derive (it seems to me, though I’m no expert) from years of merely, perhaps subconsciously absorbing secularist views of reality (that is to say, of the world in which we live, of human existence and experience, of God, who He is and how He works in/relates to the world and humanity…) into our own ways of thinking. So in essence, the lie is the same as that which comes from the world only more dangerous, for the Christian subculture uses biblical language (naturally), causing the distinctions between worldly thinking and Kingdom-mindedness to be quite blurry. OR, we are so horrified and afraid of the current cultural climate that we derive our norms and nuances merely from reactionary thinking. This happens mostly in so-called fundamentalist groups, but look closely and see if it doesn’t slip into “mainstream” Christianity in a more subtle form.

Give me an example, you say. Well, we translate the American dream into christianese and call it “prosperity gospel”. We build and run and advertise our churches like major corporations. Several more come to mind, perhaps some ideologies that are more subtle and hit closer to home, such as views on gender-roles, science, the workplace, the home, confusing agapē with being nice, confusing Christianity with being good citizen... Much of these skewed views within our subculture stem from platonic dualism. Wow, Plato! How long ago was that? So if Plato’s managed to sew himself so intricately into Christian thought for so long, it seems no one will be able to pull out the thread, but what is impossible for us is possible with God. One day the sweater we wear will unravel and we’ll be naked and free! (Vulnerable, but free; ridiculed, but free, Sunburned, but free!)

My mentor’s name is Jasie and I meet with her at five on Tuesdays (that’s 10am Dallas time). I’m excited about what will come from my relationship with her over the next several months.

More to come next week… I already have some thoughts cooking and I’m looking forward to getting everyone’s response.


Katrina said...

Ooh - I can't wait to see what you'll discover.
Interesting proposition to sift "true doctrine" from the other stuff, cultural trappings and such. Of course, there's always been the fun of reading Scripture in light of the surrounding cultural melee...
Ah, the questions... it's a never-ending cycle. :)

Matt WInn said...

Darn your intro got me all excited. I wanted to hear your thoughts on the origin of evil... But alas I must wait.

Good points about today. I love it how our culture just justifies our sinful desires, and then preaches it from the pulpit (TBN). Let us not forget our own personal tendencies to do the same which we so frown upon. For I fear the log is quite larger than we realize, thus only adding to our ridiculousness.

Renea said...

Matt, don't worry, I'm bound to return to the thought of evil, so just keep looking. Or keep making comments about it and I'll be sure to have to spar with you.

I think I meant the subtle half-truths more than the justification of our fleshly desires... but I suppose it's more or less the same thing. It's just so tough because we do it subconsciencely (sp?).

Hope you and your family are well!

christine said...

Yes, naked!:)Good luck on your journey.

Mason said...
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