Thursday, February 7, 2008


Party in our room! Yes, Jon is painting a gnome.

These are some pictures from Bern. Just a few hours by train to the German-speaking part of Switzerland. It's a great city.


Anonymous said...

great pictures! did you see the bears either on this visit or last? miss you. love you. mom

christina said...

beautiful- still snow, i see! how are you surviving the cold? it has been cold here, but probably doesn't even touch what you are living in. but the tremendous beauty of where you are kind of evens that out. miss you!

renea mac said...

Mom, I saw the bears the when we went last term. I don't think they're out right now though.

Christina, it actually hasn't been that cold here at all. I mean, it's pretty cold by TX standards if ever the sun isn't out, but lately there hasn't been a cloud in the sky! It's been amazing! (Bad for skiing, but good for me!)

Hope you both are well. Love, love, love.