Tuesday, November 18, 2008

This is what I do

I realize I haven't posted in months which is a bit shameful. Since my last post, I've begun working at Probe Ministries in Richardson (about a 10 minute drive from my house) as the Program Coordinator. Well, what is that? My job title is a bit vague because I have various responsibilities, but basically I am the go-between for our speakers and their hosts. For example, a youth pastor from Wisconsin calls wanting a speaker for a weekend conference she has scheduled in April. I ask her if the weekend has any particular focus, and she replies that the topic for the weekend is faith & sexuality. That gives me a few ideas of who might be best for the venue: Sue speaks about gender roles and homosexuality, and she is great with youth. So I shoot Sue an email to see if she is available for the date the youth pastor has scheduled. It goes back and forth a few times until all the puzzle pieces come together. Sue is available, so now I need to book her flight and hotel, car, etc.

I'm currently working on a project with Prestonwood Baptist, a local church that offers Wednesday night classes (somewhat like lay-seminary). The Probe speakers taught two 5-part series on apologetics over the term this fall and we're doing two more for the spring, so I've been sorting out those detials. I just finished writing the class synopses for Prestonwood's brochure. It's the second tiny writing assignment I've had in the 2 weeks I've been working, and of course, I really love that part of my job. So I thought I'd share; this is what I do:

Apologetics I: Engaging Your Neighbor
In a diverse and global society such as ours, it has never been so important for believers to engage the questions and criticisms our world has concerning our Christian faith with intelligent compassion (1 Peter 3:15). Join us for part one of this series on apologetics as we explore various topics such as Postmodernism, Darwinism, Kabbala, and Scientology.

Apologetics II: Engaging Your Culture
"Engaging Your Culture", the second part of our series on apologetics, aims to help prepare you to more fully engage in the conversations of our culture at large. What are these conversations? And how does a biblical view of the world shape our part of the dialogue as Christians? Join the discussion: Personhood & Bioethics, Homosexuality, What is Truth in a Media-centered Society? and Christian Environmentalism.


valerie said...

Great description, my friend! I hope you enjoy yourself. xoxo

christina said...

I didn't know this! I am so excited for you- that is so cool. I would love to hear more details about your new job...wish I could do that in person. But shoot me an email or Facebook message (all the details that you think no one cares about...you know how I am!). I miss you dear.

ashley said...

I didn't know you were working at Probe Ministries! I actually work 5 minutes from you at Josh McDowell Ministries. We should meet up for lunch sometime. It would be great to see you and catch up.

Talk with you soon!